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Region ApartmentsWatch out for a fake company that uses the name Region Apartments. Read the artice on website

Since Amsterdam is getting popular to tourists and attracts expats, there are apartments in Amsterdam for expat rentals. For expats who want to move to this beautiful city, a social housing is not a choice. Although the rent is a bit cheaper compared to private housing, the long wait can be stressful.

Renting an apartment in Amsterdam

The Netherlands has a point system called “woningwaarderingsstelsel” This system is to assign and assist rental price when it comes to social housing and properties that are controlled. It is also a price guide in the free market sector.
The point system applies only to properties having low values. The applicants for the social housing must earn at least 34,000 Euros per year. The waiting list for this kind of housing range from 3 to 10 years. For this reason, expats opt for private housing. Region Apartments Amsterdam for long term housing.

Utility cost

Apartment rentals in Amsterdam may include utility costs but sometimes not. The contract must include everything like electricity bills and other costs to avoid conflict.

Deposit and Fees

Pay two to three months upfront for the rent and deposit. The upfront payment will be considered security deposit and cannot be used as payment for your rent during your stay. This is for the damage of the property during your stay. However, if the property has no damage when you decide to move out, the owner will return your deposit.‘Unfurnished’ property means the flats has no floor coverings, no appliances, and no furnishing. You can negotiate the price from the landlord.

Property types and contracts

Short term or long term
The duration of the contract usually lasts for 12 months, and then there is a notice of transition one month before the deadline. In case you cannot finish the 1 year contract, you have to pay for the remaining months.
Short term is usually illegal, so better to go for a long term which is 1 year or more.

Furnished apartments
Most of the accommodations, usually in semi-furnished or unfurnished. The unfurnished apartments has no appliances, walls are not painted, no flooring tiles, and etc. In Amsterdam, the contracts are regulated. Most furnished flats and short term are within the holiday market and expensive. Usually, the letting period is limited.If you find this difficult as an expat, opt for room or flatshare accommodation if you have a budget to buy for the furniture.

Unfurnished apartments
The furnished or “kaal” apartment in Amsterdam means totally empty. You don’t have a bed to sleep, no appliances, and no floor coverings. You can provide you own appliances and floor coverings to make it more appealing.

Student housing
Students are flocking around Amsterdam for a higher education. But few institutions provide housing for the students. That is why most students end up looking for a place to stay. For students, a room, or flatshare accommodation is a better option.

Anti-squat housing
This kind of housing is best for people who want to stay in a short period of time. There are real estate agents that cater this kind of housing but in limited term only. The agent will find an empty building for you to stay. However, the conditions vary from the number of housemates and facilities. The rent here is cheap as low as 150 Euros per month, but only in a short period of time like one week to one month only.

Use a real estate agent
Since finding a place to live in Amsterdam is daunting, look for a reliable real estate agent that can lighten your burden in searching for a place to stay. Many agents are flocking in the internet waiting to be hired.


Watch out for a fake company that uses the name Region Apartments. Read the artice on website



Region Apartments Amsterdam reviews
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Region Apartments reviews

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